Broaching the subject of death and its inevitability can be so daunting that most people prefer to leave it alone entirely. While elderly couples might decide that shying away from the subject of their funerals is helping to shield their children from sadness, it is actually doing the whole family a disservice. Not only is it a good idea if the emotional issues involved in death and loss can be approached and worked through as a family group, but it is also important for families to decide what to do when those losses occur.

This is where prearranging becomes not just helpful, but necessary. During the prearranging process, families are encouraged to discuss all matters related to death and loss. We cover all bases with our pre-planning services at Genandt Funeral Home.

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During preplanning consultations, matters relating to burial location, funeral type, burial type and payment are covered in detail. Though, here it needs be said that the level of detail is dependant upon the needs or wishes of the family. From the color of the flowers on the altar to the exact casket, from the religious orientation of the service to the location of the burial, all the choices concerning the services are covered. In caring detail, we will note and arrange for those choices to be carried out.

With preplanning comes the question of affordability. Again, Although it is not necessary, people are able to prepay for their selected services. This component of the preplanning process can be especially helpful for family members. It ensures that, in a time of great pressure and need, they do not feel required to purchase or chose something that is well outside of their financial capabilities.

Usually, people chose to preplan their services because it considerably lessens the burden on their families. In a time of confusion and grieving, families are not faced with pressure to make key decisions. Instead, they are able to begin, in a suitable emotional environment, the necessary process of grieving.

Another essential aspect of preplanning is the gathering of personal information -- the kind of information that is necessary at the time of death and is, all too often, impossible for grieving relatives to locate. We will help families or couples gather such things including social security numbers, important names of relatives and places of birth, along with names of survivors. Coupling these with the names of favorite poems or songs, people can be assured that all aspects for their services are covered.

Although we will keep the information at our facilities, we do have a few suggestions concerning what people do with their copy of the arrangements. We suggest that the other copy be kept in a safe place and that relatives or friends be told about its whereabouts so that it might be easily accessed in a time of need.