Along with preplanning one's service, one can choose to prepay for these services. During the preplanning consultations, we help families decide on some key items concerning the services. At this time, if desired, people can choose their casket, disposal method, service type, burial location and a host of other specifics. Preplanning can be either as general or as specific as desired.

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Couples and individuals can rest more easily knowing that their children or loved ones won't be faced with financial hardships and that all their desires will be met. In addition, prepayment keeps costs contained so that, years down the road when the costs of funeral services have risen, no more money will be required for the same services. A couple or individual will be guaranteed the services that they chose based on the prices at the time of purchase, not the time of death. This totally shields the couple, individual or family from price increases. Often, the prearranged and prepaid funeral is less than the "at need" [at the time of the funeral] costs.

States differ on their requirements for prepaying. We will guide all families through this process. Trusts can be arranged, policies can be directed toward such things... there are a number of options for prepaying.

Prepaying for funeral services is another way to show families and loved ones that they are cared for and that even in death you are looking out for not only your needs, but theirs.