When a death occurs, there are a number of options that a family can choose. From burial arrangements to types of flowers, the sheer number of choices can be overwhelming. At Genandt Funeral Home, we do our best to ensure that each family is guided with a soft hand through the whole experience. We have listed a few of the options available to families.

old pictures of loved ones

One of the first decisions for a family to make concerns the type of service to be held. Traditional services make-up the majority of services we perform. A traditional service includes a visitation, service prior to burial and then the burial itself. However, within this category, there are decisions to be made. Within reason, the choice of location for the services is at the discretion of the family, as are the specifics of the service. For instance, we conducted a funeral for a gentleman who was a farmer. For him, the family chose the casket to be carried to the burial service by a mule drawn carriage.

Non-traditional services are available as well. These can include direct burial, direct cremation or a service at a later date. One such service took place not too long ago. An elderly woman without children of her own passed away. Rather than be buried, she chose to donate her body to science. Following the return of the ashes to her extended family some months later, a remembrance service was held at her rural home. When, at last, weather conditions permitted, another service was held in her garden. Over the ready-to-bloom flowers, her ashes were spread.

Services can be held at the family's home, a church, a park, a farm or at our funeral home. Different locations can provide different settings for memorializing. The location can tend to symbolize the style or fashion in which a family chooses to say goodbye.

The service that we provide to families is the service of caring. Because our family member, Devonne Getzelman, handles all the calls, none of the family's requests are lost or over-looked. To the best of her ability, Devonne attempts to ensure that every need is met, that every request is assessed and every question is answered.