If a family chooses a burial, there are a number of options available. Regardless of the service choice, we are deeply committed to giving personal attention to each family.

Even a very traditional ground burial at a cemetery can include different options and different modes of memorializing a loved one. Ground stabilization in cemeteries, while often overlooked, is something with which a family should be concerned. Or, at least, it is something about which a family needs to make choices.

flowers on casket

Because it does stabilize the ground, along with protecting the casket, an outer burial container is necessary. The family can chose between a grave box or a vault. Either way, the container can be personalized in a unique way. Devonne Getzelman will provide the necessary guidance, if you desire.

The style of the ceremony is the next choice to make. While most people chose a traditional ceremony, not quite so traditional types of remembrances have been provided. We have released a dove to commemorate someone's passing, blown bubbles or released balloons. Should families choose, they might stay to watch the outer burial container being lowered to the earth. If a family does decide upon staying, they are welcome to toss some earth on top of the container after it has been lowered.

Again, the committal service is at the discretion of the family. Recently, we orchestrated the services for a grandfather that had passed. Just before having the casket lowered, the rest of the guests left. Only the family remained. There, in an intimate setting, each of the family members was able to share a meaningful memory about the grandfather. For the family, this was the best and most giving way for them to say their final farewells. Then each person placed some dirt on the outer burial container.