When it comes to making a decision between burial and cremation, the choice rests within the confines of the belief system of the family. The choice of cremation has to do with the desires of both the family and of the deceased. There are, of course, circumstances that would necessitate or call for a cremation rather than a burial but, for the most part, it is a choice.

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It is important to note that, while a family might chose cremation, a visitation or viewing prior to disposal is available if desired. Our staff is highly trained in the restorative arts. The visitation and viewing and the funeral service can all occur before the cremation. However, the cremation can happen directly after death with a memorial service following at a later date.

What happens to the cremated remains is at the discretion of the family but we will help if desired. Traditionally, the cremated remains, or cremains, are placed in an urn chosen by the family or by the deceased during the preplanning process. From there, the cremains can be buried in the family gravesite, or entombed in a mausoleum. The family is welcome to keep the cremains if they like. Some do choose to scatter the ashes, especially if there is an area such as a garden or flower bed that was especially meaningful to the deceased. In addition, a bit of the cremains can be placed in a memorial piece of jewelry.

We assisted with the services of a woman with a fondness for nature. When her ashes were returned to us, they were placed in a biodegradable container. Then, as a part of the service, the container itself was placed in a river while the family gathered to bid her a fond farewell. Only moments later, the container dissolved and the ashes were swept away down the river.